why cast iron

Cast iron can come off as intimidating — from its price to its weight and maintenance. But there’s a reason why these products are beloved in kitchens across generations despite those perceived drawbacks. The unique process through which they’re created leaves them outstandingly durable, versatile and useful to most home cooks. And with many of us cooking at home more often due to the coronavirus, you may want to consider looking into one.
Cast iron doesn’t just retain heat. It gives off a lot of it, too. “When you’re cooking in it, you’re not just cooking the surface in contact with the metal, but you’re cooking a good deal of food above it as well.This makes it ideal for things like making hash or pan roasting chicken and vegetables.

Protecting and maintaining seasoning is not as scary as people think. First of all, a little mild dish soap will not remove it when cleaning. Second, it’s unlikely to be scratched or chipped off by metal utensils, since, as we’ve established, it’s chemically bonded to the cast iron. Moreover, contrary to what you may have been told, a well-seasoned pan can stand up to acidic foods such as tomato sauce, to a certain extent. To protect the seasoning and prevent metallic flavors in your food. we recommend limiting the cook time for acidic foods to 30 minutes and then removing the food immediately. also suggests staying away from cooking liquid-based dishes in cast iron until the seasoning is well-established.

Post time: Jan-29-2022