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We have been making incredibly functional and stylish cookware and teapot for over two decades. With the emphasis on great culinary results we have strived to create quality cookware and kitchenware that will last you a lifetime. We take great pride in going into every minute detail to ensure our products are second to none and will become worldwide family favorites. Furthermore we aim to deliver all our FORREST products to you at value than lower price.


Today's us

In the world, cast iron cookware has always been a traditional kitchen utensil, characterized by roughness and durability.  Our company engaged in this industry more than fifteen years ago, all the production of cast iron cookware and teapots was handmade.  Low efficiency, high energy consumption, high labor intensity of workers, and poor working environment. We have been working hard to improve this situation.

In order to keep up with the world's first-class level, we use Disa technology to improve production efficiency, make workers' work easier, and have a better working environment. Cast iron cookware and teapots became lighter and more delicate. In addition, we have also paid more attention to enamel materials, trying to ensure that all toxic and hazardous substances are within the scope of international standards. Cast iron cookware can pass comprehensive and strict testing. These standards such as FDA, CA65, LFGB, make cast iron products reach a new level of safety. We are proud of the efforts made by the society in safe food cooking.


We find ways to improve who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

Emission reduction and waste disposal
Utilization of recycled iron
Annual greening investment

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact. Over the years, we have formulated a company-wide recycling plan, using nearly 30% recycled cast iron raw materials to produce cast iron products to reduce carbon emissions, and invested in equipment in accordance with strict national regulations to reduce pollution and minimize energy consumption. At the same time, the packaging is converted into biodegradable packaging materials.


Welcome to follow us!

For releasing heat steadily and evenly, cast iron cookware is very suitable for low temperature and healthy cooking methods. Cast iron cookware are welcome worldwide. As a manufacture, FORREST is still working on production technical improvement, protect environment and employment of workers (especially the people still in destitution), we need your help, welcome to join us!