Using Metal Utensils with Cast Iron Cookware



In the broadest sense, learning to cook is about mastering a set of tools and the techniques they’re suited to. Every kitchen should have a well-seasoned cast iron skillet, but opinions are divided on the best tools to use with cast iron cookware.

The old wisdom holds that wooden utensils are best, and that metal tools can chip seasoning and ruin a skillet. But like washing with soap, certain cast iron rules are made to be broken: a set of common metal kitchen tools are important sidekicks for cast iron cookery and even essential for keeping your skillets in top condition.







Cast iron seasoning is surprisingly sturdy, especially the well-earned layers achieved through regular cooking. Base coats are chemically bonded to the skillet itself, and cooking creates interlocking layers that produce non-stick performance. Flipping a grilled cheese isn’t going to harm that tough, resilient base. Unlike Teflon-based nonstick cookware, any tiny scrapes or scratches left behind aren’t a long term concern: seasoning that scuffs away is relatively weak, and will quickly be replaced as you continue cooking.

Chain Mail Scrubber
In some cases, it’s ok for a metal tool to be a little rough on seasoning. Cleaning with a chain main scrubber is a key step in the Field Method for cast iron maintenance, precisely because it can help remove and renew weaker patches of seasoning.

Post time: Sep-23-2022