The Forest Certification of Hebei Forrest

As the concept of sustainable development is more and more widely recognized in the world, this year, our company deeply implements the production concept of “energy conservation and environmental protection”, and uses the raw materials certified by FSC forest to make our products more in line with the requirements of green environmental protection.
FSC which is called Forest Stewardship Council,”FSC forest certification can not only promote sustainable forest management, but also improve the competitiveness and reputation of enterprise products in the international market and win more orders for enterprises.” Nowadays, many foreign markets require products to meet the requirements of FSC forest certification. It is reported that FSC forest certification is a tool to use market mechanism to promote sustainable forest management and achieve ecological, social and economic goals. As a new mechanism to promote sustainable forest management and market access of forest products, FSC forest certification has been widely recognized by the international community and has become a necessary condition for products to enter Europe, America and other environmentally sensitive markets.
Forrest has been at the forefront of the implementation of FSC forest certification. Since 2019, all wooden accessories of our products, including wooden brackets, wooden covers and wooden handles, have passed the FSC forest joint certification of wood products; From 2020, in order to better match the concept of global environmental protection, we will gradually replace all plastic bag packaging with more environmentally friendly paper packaging; This year, our company has been striving for perfection, requiring that all packaging must also meet the FSC forest joint certification standard, and passed the FSC forest certification and obtained the FSC forest certification certificate in a short time, which has greatly increased the international recognition of our products and realized the requirements of greener and more environmental protection of all accessories and packaging.

Post time: May-12-2022