New technology-Brass Polished Products

As we push ahead with new products, we also develop new technologies. Compared with ordinary products, the brass polished products have the characteristics of smoother, less prone to rust and thinner.

For brass products, it is made by a special process. First of all, there are requirements on the material of the metal: different from ordinary cast iron, if the product is to be fired brass, it needs a special material;  There are also requirements on the temperature, need in 270 degrees Celsius temperature, relative to the general product temperature is lower; In addition, the thickness of the product also has its specific requirements.

Brass polished products increase a process of polishing. Polishing-usually at the base of the Polish, in order to further remove the surface of the workpiece to a fine roughness, so that it has a higher gloss, until the mirror gloss. There is no obvious metal wear on the surface of the workpiece during the polishing process. As with polishing, polishing can be divided into several steps of control, divided into initial polishing, fine polishing, mirror polishing to meet different finishing requirements. In many cases, the initial polishing of the workpiece is the polishing operation.When polishing, the high-speed rotation of the polishing wheel and the workpiece friction produce high temperature, so that the metal surface plastic deformation, thus leveling the surface of the cast iron, at the same time, the extremely thin oxide film on the surface of the metal formed instantaneously by oxidation in the nearby atmosphere is repeatedly ground down, thus becoming brighter and brighter.