The 2023 Chicago Houseware Show (IHA) has just ended. It is not only the largest houseware show in the United States but also It is an exhibition that combines trade and communication and provides industry and consumers with the trend of future household products. Here, we see the trend of all new products in the world, which with innovative designs, the latest data, expert insights, and the hottest colors to help shape the future of everyone’s favorite place—home.

After reviewing the Chicago Houseware Show, FORREST will also launch our full series of products, and this series will also be our latest patented products. This series includes  different shapes enamel dutch ovens, round shape frying pan, square griddle, newest design bakeware, and roasting pan, which can be sold as a set or as a single product. For colors, we refer to the latest popular colors at the IHA, and will keep up with international trends and main colors, will firstly launch six kind of colors, guaranteed to be worthy of your expectations. Still we will keep the fresh enamel pot body and the smooth glossy enamel pot bottom perfectly match, which solves the problem of most ordinary pot bottoms on the market wearing out the stove. At the same time, the total set will maintain a unified appearance, which is designed by well-known German designer, although has not been officially launched yet, it  have attracted many of our customers’ praise who have seen our design. 

More details please pay attention to our latest developments, we will keep the update the latest progress of our latest patented products soon.

If you are also in the field of cookware and want to become a partner with us on the road of cookware innovation, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Post time: Mar-13-2023