How To Choose The Right Cooker

Are these high priced cookers really easier to use than ordinary products with hundreds of yuan? Recently, many consumers have reported to our newspaper that some of the so-called high-end and sky high-priced cookware are actually not easy to use, and the effect of use is quite different from the manufacturer’s propaganda.

The price of high-end cooking utensils keeps going up, and some high-priced products are not easy to use. Ms. Wei, who lives in Hexi District of the city, told reporters that she bought a natural stone frying pan imported from South Korea with the recommendation of salesmen. At that time, she said that this kind of Pan had no chemical coating, but it still had the characteristics of non sticking. However, when you check the instructions carefully, you will know that in order to achieve the effect of not sticking to the pot, you must have enough oil temperature when cooking. According to the requirements of the business, you must wait for the oil to heat and smoke before you put the ingredients in. But Ms. Wei said that as far as she knew, if the oil was heated to smoke and then fried, it might be unhealthy. Another consumer, Ms. Liu, spent nearly 2000 yuan on a double-layer stainless steel steamer. However, she found that the upper layer of the steamer was too small to be used. The double-layer boiler could only be used as a single-layer one. Some consumers also report that some expensive sets of spatulas and spoons are not easy to use because of their heavy weight and unreasonable design. Most of them are idle except for a frying spatula and a spoon.

In fact, pots and pans need to be used every day. Practicality is the most important thing. The reporter visited the market and learned that the price of cooking utensils of famous brands is not expensive. For example, the commonly used pan, the price is usually around 100 yuan, with non stick coating of the frying pan, more than 200 yuan can be bought, if it is ordinary cast iron, refined iron frying pan, even less than 100 yuan. And a set of two-layer stainless steel steamer, also as long as 100 yuan. Ms. Wu, a citizen, said in an interview that a friend had given her a set of imported frying pans, which looked very classy, but after using it several times, she found that it was always sticky and inconvenient to clean. It was more convenient to use the original 100 yuan cast iron frying pan at home. Many consumers who have had similar experience say that the most important thing is that the cooking utensils are affordable and easy to use, and there is no need to blindly pursue high-end products.

Post time: Jul-01-2020