Global environmental project——Scrap Iron Recycling

The mixing of scrap iron as a raw material is a global phenomenon, felt most acutely in China, for the simplest reason, given the country’s tight iron resources and large consumption of iron. The recovery and utilization rate of scrap iron is not high enough in our country, and it depends on import heavily. If we want to solve the problem of iron resource shortage, we must fundamentally improve the utilization rate of scrap iron.

The methods of waste iron recovery mainly include magnetic separation, cleaning and preheating. Cleaning is the use of a variety of chemical solvents or Surfactant to remove oil, rust and deposits on the surface of steel. Used for processing cutting oil, grease, dirt or other attachments, pollution engine bearings and gears, from scrap, copper can be selected adjustable, can use magnet suction. Such as when aluminum, iron, copper, mixed metal powder mixing, high purity, then magnet suction, can easily distinguish iron, and then blow with a hair dryer, try to control the size and density of the wind, can be separated. Many companies that buy light and thin scrap use pre-heated, thin scrap. They baked the light, thin scrap iron directly in a flame, burning water and grease, and then putting it in a steel furnace. In the metal preheating system, two main problems have been solved: First, the incomplete combustion of petroleum will produce a large number of hydrocarbons, which will cause air pollution, and must be solved; second, for the different size and thickness of the film material of the waste conveyor belt, resulting in uneven heat pre-combustion, sometimes can not thoroughly clean the pollutants thin material waste.

Post time: Jan-13-2022