Cast Iron Casserole VS Aluminum Cookware

People always say that the food cooked by the cast iron cookware is more delicious than the aluminum one, and it is more healthy. Comparing with the aluminum cookware, the Aluminum one is lighter, and some of the design is more modern. And the cast iron one is more heavy and antique. But the cast iron enamel cookware win the market with its colorful and glossy good looking. It is modern fashion.  Especially for  the enamel cast iron casserole, it is fit for almost all kinds of stove, for example, induction, gas, halogen, electric,etc, and it is proper for almost all kinds of cooking method. After one period of cooking using, you will find the food is really more delicious, and since the lid is very heavy, and there is emboss points inside the lid, the food is more easily cooked and the ingredients taste can keep as original. If you also like enjoy delicious food and cooking, please have no hesitate to take one home. Contact us, I can offer you more kind of cookware ( skillet, frypan, grill pan, barbeque, dutch oven, fondue, casserole…) and color choices and using instruction.


Post time: May-24-2022