Best budget tortilla press: 8-Inch Cast-Iron Tortilla Press


The top plate is nice and heavy-duty, flattening a masa dough ball swiftly and without much force. The handle has a smooth finish with just enough texture to allow for a solid grip. The top plate has two square tabs on either side for easy lifting once you’ve pressed your tortilla. And this press is compact and easy to store—so it makes a better option than the Doña Rosa for those with limited storage space.

However, the slight amount of texture on the finish works against this press when it comes to cleaning. Totally dry masa can be wiped away with a cloth or even a pastry brush, but there are lots of nooks and crannies along the top plate, which tortilla dough tends to get stuck in. This means washing and scrubbing with water, drying completely with a cloth, and then rubbing a small amount of flaxseed oil (or other neutral oil) onto the whole thing to season (as you would any cast-iron cookware).

If you take care to keep your workspace and hands clean as you’re making tortillas, this is a good little workhorse—and its utilitarian cast-iron design certainly looks the part.


Post time: Aug-16-2022