Benefits Of Cast Iron Teapot

Shortly after I first came into contact with tea, a friend introduced me to a black Japanese iron kettle, and I was immediately attracted by the quaint taste. But I don’t know the benefits of using it, and the iron pot is too heavy. With my gradual understanding of tea sets and tea ceremony knowledge, I slowly learned that the benefits of making tea in this iron pot are really great! Iron pot The good thing is that it can fully improve water quality and enhance the mellow taste of tea. Mainly manifested in the following points:

The benefits of making tea in an iron pot-changing water quality
1. Mountain spring effect: The sandstone layer under the mountain forest filters spring water and contains trace minerals, especially iron ions and trace chlorine. The water quality is sweet and it is the most ideal water for making tea. Iron pots can release iron ions and can absorb chloride ions in water. The water boiled in iron pots and mountain springs have the same effect.

2. Effect on water temperature: Iron pot can increase boiling point. When making tea, the water is best when it is freshly brewed. At this time, the aroma of the tea soup is good; if it is boiled many times, the dissolved gas (especially carbon dioxide) in the water is constantly eliminated, so that the water is “old” and the fresh taste of the tea will be greatly reduced. Water that is not hot enough is called “tender water” and is not suitable for making tea in an iron kettle. Compared with ordinary teapots, iron pots have more uniform heat conduction. When hot, the water at the bottom and the surrounding heat and temperature can be improved to achieve real boiling. When brewing fragrant teas such as “Tieguanyin” and “Old Pu’er Tea”, the water temperature must be high, and the “brewed at any time” water will make the tea soup of good quality and fail to achieve sufficient tea efficacy and ultimate enjoyment;

When we boil water or make tea in an iron kettle, when the water boils, the iron will release a lot of divalent iron ions to supplement the iron needed by the body. Usually people absorb trivalent iron from food, the human body can only absorb 4% to 5%, and the human body can absorb about 15% of the ferric ion, so this is very important! Since we know that drinking tea is good for our health , Why can’t we do better?

Finally, I want to remind you of the maintenance and use of iron kettles: iron kettles will become brighter and easier to clean after long-term use. The surface can often be wiped with a dry cloth, so the iron gloss will gradually appear. It is like a purple sand pot and Pu’er tea. It also has vitality; it must be kept dry after use. Avoid washing the hot pot with cold water or falling from a high place, and It must be noted that the pot should not be dried without water.

Post time: Jul-01-2020