Any interests about cast iron teapot?


Cast iron teapot also known as cast iron tea kettle was used originally in Japan as kettle for boiling water which is done on an open fire.
Japanese people then hang their tea kettle above their fireplace in order to provide enough heat, humidity and heat during cold weather.
During the introduction of green tea in the middle of the 19th century, a cast iron teapot was used on a regular basis making this beautiful teapot the famous kettle of choice during that time and even today.

Teapot (2)Teapot (4)Teapot (3)Teapot (1)

We have many different kinds of pot,different size,different capacity and different colors

Use Care:
1.iron pot boiling water, to install 6 ~ 8 points full avoid water from boiling and spilling from the spout.
2. When teapot high temperature water is lack, had better add hot water,avoid big temperature difference.
3.After teapot finished use, using the residual heat keep teapot dry.avoid rust.
4. pls don’t heat empty of teapot,avoid teapot cracking.
5. when the inner of teapot still has residual temperature, wipe the outside of the pot with tea water, good for maintain the
iron pot nice.
6.The iron teapot should be placed in a dry place to avoid moisture. if long time don’t want use the teapot, after teapot dry,you can put paper or charcoal or Bamboo charcoal to inner, then packing by Plastic bag.
7. After the kettle is opened and used, some scarlet rust will gradually form during use.
These rusts are the rust-proof layer formed by the reaction of tea and iron.




Post time: Feb-18-2023