A favorite in our kitchen-cast iron cookware

As everyone knows that cast iron cookware is a favorite in our kitchen ,why it is a good choice

for many types of dishes ?
1,cast iron have long lasting heat retention ,distribute heat very well.these advantage make it very
suitable for “stove top to table top”.keeping the food warm.
2,through pre-seaoning with quality oil ,the cast iron cookware becomes nearly non-stick.then it
can last for genarations .
3,we also can put an beautiful colored enamel surface on the outside and inside to decor the kitchen.
it still retain the advantage of the cast iron material ,and is easy to clean.
4,we all know its a healthy cookware,when seasoned cast iron cookware is used ,the trace amount
of iron that are released to the food is beneficial for our health. On the whole,healthy, durable, and
great heating characteristics have made cast iron cookware a mandatory item in many kitchens. The
enameled surfaces offer colors and easier cleaning.

Post time: May-12-2021